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Book one Week of the “Neurologic Fisio” rehabilitation program at Ermitage Bel Air - Medical Hotel®.

You shall be able to test personally, at no cost, the effects of the GONDOLA™ stimulation system, designed to administer the innovative AMPS therapy!

Book your holiday and try the new therapy against motor blocks in Parkinson’s disease for free.

Discover Ermitage Bel Air - Medical Hotel

the Breaking Parkinson program is now available: A customised holiday for you, with a set of the GONDOLA™ system tests free for you!

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A holiday that improves your life: the first rehab and physical medicine medical centre integrated in a thermal resort.

The best of Italian hospitality, excellent services and a cosy atmosphere, where each guest is welcomed discreetly and personally.

Clinical studies results:


Obtain immediate benefits in the main motor skills

Gondola® : how it works


The treatment is more effective in advanced stages of Parkinson’s Disease


Maintain benefits over time with regular use of the device.


Improve the functional connectivity between brain regions involved in visuo-spatial and sensory-motor integration


The exclusive benefits of this program:

All-inclusive price of the NEUROLOGIC FISIO weekly program, € 1,640 instead
of € 1,840

CGuests satisfied with the effectiveness of this therapy and who wish to purchase
their own personal device can come back for a second week of treatments at
Ermitage, to be trained in the use of their GONDOLA™ system back at home. The
cost of the stay and training is included in the price of the GONDOLA™ system.

Free testing of the GONDOLA™ system, with 2 stimulations a week and
assessment of results

One accompanying person shall receive a 10% reduction of the price of their
stay, applicable to any relax or wellness stay program in the Ermitage Bel Air-
Medical Hotel® 2017 offer

800 15112006

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Alessandra: "It seems like I’m flying now"

Paolo: "With GONDOLA® it’s a brand new start"


What do the tests entail?

  • 2 free GONDOLA™ stimulation treatments
  • full board stay for a week and NEUROLOGIC FISIO rehabilitation program
  • cycle of motor rehabilitation activities in the swimming pool and gym, and a cycle of neurocognitive stimulation with the personal assistance of physical medicine professionals
  • assessment of results with the supervision of Physical Medicine and Neurology specialists

Several controlled clinical studies have been conducted to verify the effects of the GONDOLA® therapy, which uses a device that administers AMPS, a foot neurostimulation therapy that is considered useful for patients with motor blocks due to Parkinson’s disease.

Thanks to this innovative therapeutic approach, fast and without adverse reactions, significant improvement was recorded with regard to the patient’s freezing of gait, walking speed and step length.

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